ArtAsiaPacific: Review of "Ajeongkoo"


Published Nov/Dec 2017 issue of ArtAsiaPacific. To read full article, visit the magazine's Digital Library. (Click on the image to scroll through pages.) 

"In Koo Jeong A’s weird, protean universe, an alien baby presenting a V-sign offers a clue to the utter zaniness of “ousss,” a term developed by the artist in the late 1990s that has never been fully explained. It is, she has ventured, a noun and a verb, an object and a subject. At Art Sonje Center, where Koo recently held a solo show—perhaps better described as a puzzle—across two levels, it was apparent that such clues, of which Koo’s work abounds, are more cryptic than one initially assumes. Step back from the page and consider it again: what do you think the V-sign means in the hands of a fictional baby alien floating across a dark screen?”

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