ArtAsiaPacific: Sputniko!

Published Sept/Oct 2017 issue of ArtAsiaPacific. To read full article, visit the magazine's Digital Library. (Click on the image to scroll through pages.) 

"Her exploration in peer-to-peer sharing and the dissemination of ideas through popular media, as with her music videos, manga-esque costumes and narratives, makes her an idiosyncratic alloy of geek, artist and pop star. Using this identity, Ozaki invents futures for other people as well as herself; this penchant for experimentation extends to even her artist moniker. Sputniko! is a mutation of her high school sobriquet “Sputnik,” also the name for the series of artificial satellites that the Soviet Union launched into space in the late 1950s, and translates as “fellow wanderer” from Russian. In many ways, Ozaki’s indefatigable search for new modes of living and alternate realities mirrors society’s desire to connect, share and distribute."

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